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MAC Member Starr Washington is ready to embark on Masters Swimming with support and encouragement from her fellow coach and teacher, MAC Masters DeEtte Sauer. Read her inspirational story!


When I started going to Maria Fernanda Landázuri's Zumba classes in 2010, I looked more like the photo on the left. Using a combination of diet and Zumba and sheer stubbornness, I lost 80 pounds over about a year, and have mostly kept it off since. I have come a long way, so much so that when we heard the sad news that Maria is moving out of state, I went and got certified as a Zumba instructor, and on Monday I will take over teaching the Zumba Circuit class at the Memorial Athletic Club (MAC) for Women. Just goes to show you never know what life will throw at you! The class is on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm at MACFW. If you are a MAC member, come check it out! — Amy Eikel


Working with the reformer really made me realize I must incorporate more Pilates into my exercise routine. I'm hoping after my summer schedule gels a little easier, I can add some mat classes and possibly an occasional Reformer. I liked all the reformer classes but I think my favorite was the Cardio Pilates. Interesting and entertaining concept. All the classes just flew by! Nice! Thanks to you and Becky and Raintree for helping me understand a little more about the reformer and body positioning. I am trying to incorporate the latter into my daily routines. Thanks again! You guys are awesome! — Carol Weaver


Being a member of the MAC is like adding to the family in a good way. They are always helpful and resourceful. They have a great kids club that my daughter loves to go too as well as a great swim program. You aren't just a number there, every time we come in we are called by name and it's great and uplifting. Keep up the great work.— Rich Wilkins


It is a gym where all different age groups would feel comfortable. Trainers are professional and great. — Eiko McGregor

Never crowded. Everyone is always nice and helpful. — Steven Vasquez

Great management ... True civic supporters ... Great gym and exercise place!!!— David Perry

I love the M.A.C., they have a great staff and facility. My whole family works out here. — JD Aleman

TFW is an awesome work out. Two weeks into it I can see and feel the difference. Lost 3 lbs already 17 more to go...— Andrea Bridgeman

I am a MAC member who has recently won a State Championship in the Team Time Trial Cycling! This wouldn't have been possible without the training and fantastic encouragement I have received from Felipe over the last several years. I have attended many of Felipe's Spinning and gym classes as well as separate personal training sessions at the MAC and out on my bike. Even when we were transferred to Australia for 2 years he continued his encouragement through email. The MAC is very lucky to have him on the training staff. Thanks for providing a great training experience at the MAC. — Caroline Perkins

I've been a MAC member for over fifteen years and highly recommend this fitness facility! Friendly, professional staff. Great pools. Cutting edge programs, as well as a wide and extensive offering in just about any endeavor you might be looking for - spinning, group exercise, weight training, personal training, pilates, yoga, swimming. — Cheryl Davis

The MAC is an Authorized Provider of American Red Cross Swim Lessons. Programs include Learn to Swim, Youth Aquafit and Swim Team Stroke Development.
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